Some like it hot.

Being from southern California, I'm more or less obligated to pride myself on my taste in salsa. Friendships are made (and broken) over which taco shop has the best salsa verde or habañero.. And do they offer pickled jalapeños with hot carrots? (to me this is crucial.) I was homesick this weekend, so we made some roasted salsas and watched the rain run down the windows.

Find our roasted tomatillo salsa recipe on the cookbook page.

In the beginning..

When I started working on this I was working part time at a chocolate factory. I had dreams of coming home and plugging away at it each day. And each day after the 1 hour 45 minute bus ride I inevitably made excuses and said I'd start the next day. I worked on a few entries, but they were never perfect enough and got deleted. I thought maybe I should have a whole section dedicated to chocolate. Maybe I still will.

When I was a pastry chef I got so sick of chocolate. Everyone always ordered it. It was too EASY. I wanted a challenge. I wanted to beat the system.. I needed to find something that could outsell chocolate. Turns out nothing outsells chocolate. So my only choice was to bastardize it. What could I do to really steal its shine? I made all kinds of idiotic truffles.. jalapeño-tequila, black garlic, balsamic & pepper.. turns out they were all great (dammit?). My all time favorite attempt at out-chocolating chocolate was a burnt miso & almond truffle. Still, this was outsold by a boring peanut butter one. Of course.


making the burnt red miso & almond ganache